Steering Racks

The steering system ensures that the driver is in control of the vehicle. Therefore, only the best is good enough. All our remanufactured racks are produced by highly skilled employees and we guarantee that no matter the segment of the vehicle we remanufacture to the highest standards so that customers can install our products with peace of mind.

We have an extensive steering rack programme, consisting of hydraulic power steering racks, manual steering racks and electronic steering racks, for European applications which covers passenger and light commercial vehicles of all car brands. New applications are constantly added to the current program and made accessible online.

Plug and Play

We always strive to offer a plug and play solution so the mechanic has an effortless mounting experience.

Test and Quality

We inspect all units and parts visually before going into production, where we perform tests on various aspects before they leave our production. Afterwards are all our steering racks 100 % function tested which simulates the condition seen on the vehicle when in operation. The goal for the remanufacturing process is to return the unit to the original measurements or better.

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