By extracting energy from the exhaust gas, the turbocharger is able to build up pressure in the intake, thereby allowing a better filling of air and fuel to the cylinders, adding extra power to the engine.

We offer you a wide range of turbochargers with more than 800 different part numbers, covering 83% of the cars in Europe. We constantly expand our range and add new part numbers to our portfolio. The new part numbers will be made available online here and on TecDoc.

Plug & Play

The delivered turbocharger is complete and ready to be mounted. In special cases, where more information is needed for installation, this information is to be found attached to the supplied turbocharger.

Test and Quality

All produced turbos go through several control benches developed by our professionals and end up in a test bench that simulates the real operation in the engine. On the way, each turbo goes through more than thirty quality tests.

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